Dreaming of a life free of neck and back pain?

With the alternative spine treatments now available at IRM, many patients no longer have surgery as their only treatment option.

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A non-invasive therapy should be considered by any patient dealing with the daily struggle of neck and back pain. After all, once surgery is done, it can never be undone — and there are widely understood risks associated with spine surgery that often prevent patients from seeking treatment to begin with.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss is a triple-board certified physician specializing in the non-surgical treatment of neck and back pain. Dr. Bleiweiss has been in practice for over 32 years, he is a graduate of the prestigious NYU School of Medicine, and was the first person in North America to introduce Ozone disc injection therapy.

Dr. Bleiweiss joins the team at IRM in treating patients with herniated discs, neck and back pain, radiculopathy, sciatica and more. With over 1000 discs treated without surgery, Dr. Bleiweiss has found these alternative treatments to be safer than surgery with no reported side effects. Over the past 10 years he’s been performing these treatments, Dr. Bleiweiss has seen consistent efficacy in reduction of pain and disability scores equivalent to surgery.