Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain & Injuries

Visual of Back Pain

Traditional treatments for chronic neck or back pain gave patients two options. Either manage the pain through medication or injections, which doesn’t eliminate the source of the pain, or irreversible surgery, which in some cases may not eliminate the pain and require patients to take narcotics for pain management.


At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we have combed traditional orthopedic medicine with advances in regenerative medicine to create a safe alternative to back surgery. Instead of cutting or joining parts of the spine, we use adult stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to restore and rebuild diseased discs in the spine.


How Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain Work?

Stem cells are the body’s natural healers. Unlike other cells, they have the unique ability to transform into the other types of cells the body need for repairing damage joints in the back. As we age, the number of stem cells and their potency decline. With stem cell therapy for back pain, we revitalize a patient’s stem cells and inject a concentrated dosage of them and PRP directly to the damaged area of the spine.


The process starts with us isolating the stem cells and platelet rich plasma from the patients’ bone marrow and blood. We then process the stem cell using a proprietary technique to increase their healing potential. After that, we inject the stem cells and PRP into the patient’s back, directly into the damaged area of the spine using ultrasound to guide the injection.


Once injected, the stem cells will begin their job of restoring and rebuilding the diseased discs in the spine. The PRP, which contains a tremendous amount of growth factors, will stimulate the stem cells to maximize their effectiveness. The entire procedure only takes a few hours to complete, and patients will be able to leave the clinic and go back home immediately.


When Do I See Results?

The effects of the stem cell therapy will not be noticeable instantly since time is needed for the stem cells to heal the spinal disc. Typically, patients will begin to see a response in about three weeks after the injection. Afterward, the inflammation in the spin starts to reduce and continues to do so for several months.


For most patients, a single stem cell injection is all that is needed to eliminate their back pain, and the pain relief can last for the rest of their life. For patients with a severe degenerative disease, additional stem cell injections may be needed.


Spinal Conditions Treated by Stem Cell Therapy

At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we have successfully treated patients with back pain caused by various spinal injuries and conditions including:



Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a safe procedure that can be utilized by anyone. However, to determine if stem cell therapy would be effective in relieving your chronic back pain, our board certified orthopedic surgeon would have to examine your medical files.