Stem Cell Treatment For Elbow Joints

At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we have developed an advanced medical procedure to treat numerous elbow joint conditions without the need of invasive surgery. Using the patient’s stem cells, we can use the body’s natural healing mechanism to repair damage muscles, cartilage, and other tissues in the arm and elbow. With this procedure, patients can avoid the negative effects of surgery which often includes several days in the hospital followed by long periods of physical therapy or training. In many cases, the patient’s elbow functionality may not completely return after surgery, which can limit the movements of athletes or patients that play sports such as tennis, golf, or baseball.


How do Stem Cells Work

Stem cells are specialized cells in our body that have the ability to transform into various type of cells such as muscles or cartilage. As we get older, the number of stem cells in our body and their efficiency decreases. As a result, an adult will take longer to heal from minor injuries or may not be able to fix damage tissues. To overcome the natural degrading of the stem cells, we developed a proprietary technique called MaxxStem to maximize the effectiveness of the patient’s stem cells healing potential. This technique allows us to create a special mixture that we inject into the patient’s elbow. After the injection, the new concentrated stem cells will begin fixing the damage areas in the elbow. Healing time for stem cell patients will vary but is significantly shorter than those who undergo elbow surgery, and stem cell patients have a better chance of regaining complete elbow functionality.


Elbow Conditions Treated by Stem Cells


To determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, contact our office to have our board certified orthopedic surgeons to evaluate your medical files. If the damage in your elbow is too extensive, then we will recommend surgery. However, we have found stem cell therapy can be used to treat most elbow conditions successfully.