Stem Cell Treatment for Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Muscles

Hamstring strains are immobilizing and will impact your ability to perform even simple daily activities. Advancements in orthopedic medicine have opened the path for incredible therapies using cell based therapies to address minor to severe injuries. Utilizing these therapies helps patients reduce their dependence on drugs, experience shorter recovery periods and enhances the health of the injured area. Because the components of the treatments are naturally found within the body for the purpose of fighting off disease and healing injuries, using them encourages faster healing without the side effects of some conventional therapies.


How Does Stem Cell Treatment For a Hamstring Injury Work?

Generally speaking, if the hamstring injury is very mild, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) is used. Platelets are the body’s natural healing cells. When injected into an injured area of the body, the platelets release a large number of growth factors that have regenerative and healing properties. At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we create a highly concentrated dose of platelets (PRP) by processing the patient’s own blood with a centrifuge. Afterward, the PRP is injected into the hamstring using ultrasound to guide the injection to the injured area.


Are PRP Injections for a Hamstring Injury Effective?

Cell therapy has proved incredibly powerful in targeting and healing various muscular strains. Multiple studies on the use of PRP injections for hamstring injuries have shown patients experiencing faster healing times and a significant reduction of pain for those with severe injuries. For athletes, one study has shown those who took PRP treatment to recover significantly earlier, up to 3 months earlier than the control group.


Are PRP Injections Safe?

PRR injections are safe since it involves injecting an extract from the patient’s own blood. However, after the injection, patients may experience temporary pain as a result of a large amount of inflammatory cells being injected into a small area.


Am I’m Eligible For Stem Cell Treatment

Please note that while the above conditions represent most of those that can be treated using either PRP injections or PRP injection in conjunction with cell injections, the specific method of treatment will be based on a patient’s age and health at the time of treatment, the severity of your condition and other factors.


Contact us today, and our stem cell specialist will examine your medical files to determine your eligibility for stem cell treatment for your hamstring injury.