Stem Cell Injections for Shoulder Pain

Man with shoulder pain

For people suffering from shoulder pain, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine offers a cutting edge treatment that allows patients to regain mobility in their shoulders without invasive surgery and months of physical therapy. By combining traditional orthopedic medicine with advances in regenerative medicine, we utilize the bodies natural healing ability to repair the damaged joints and muscles of the shoulder. This allows patients to regain movement in their shoulder without restrictions or pain and spend significantly less time recovering that those who opt for surgery.


How Stem Cell Injections For Shoulder Pain Work

A Stem cell injection for shoulder pain is an outpatient procedure that takes a few hours to complete. The process starts with us harvesting stem cell and platelet rich plasma from the patients’ bone marrow and blood. Stem cells are the body’s natural healers. They have the unique ability to transform into other type cells that are needed to repair damage joints in the shoulder such as bone or muscle cells. The platelet rich plasma or PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. These platelets contain an enormous amount of growth factors that stimulate the stem cells, causing them to heal the damage areas of the shoulder quicker.


After we harvest the stem cells and PRP, we use our proprietary technique to process the stem cells to maximize their healing potential. Then, we inject the highly concentrated dosage of stem cells directly into the damaged area of the shoulder, using ultrasound to guide the stem cell injection. Once injected, the stem cells will begin the process of restoring the joints and muscles in the shoulder, and the patient can return home immediately.


Our Patient Story

Bartolo Colon, Pitcher for the New York Mets


Bartolo Colon, nicknamed Big Sexy, is the oldest active player in Major League Baseball at age 43 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. However, back in 2010, it was unclear if Colon would be able to continue his pitching career after missing the entire season due to an ailing elbow and right rotator cuff. That is when Colon reached out to Dr. Joseph Purita for stem cell treatment for his torn rotator cuff.


After the stem cell therapy, Colon had a major combat the following year, winning 55 games. In 2016, Colon also made history when he hit his first career home run for a two-run shot to extend the Mets’ lead over the Padres, 4-0.


How Many Stem Cell Injections Are Needed?

For most patients, a single stem cell injection is all that is required to eliminate their shoulder pain, and the pain relief can last for the rest of their life. In cases where the shoulder has obtained severe damage, additional stem cell injections will be required. Typically in these cases, the patient will receive an additional PRP injection into their shoulder to reenergize the stem cells a month after the initial shoulder stem cell injection, and then another PRP injection a few weeks after that.


When Do I See Results?

The results of the shoulder stem cell injection will not be noticeable at first since it will take time for the stem cells to heal the shoulder naturally. Typically, patients will begin to see a response to the injection in about three weeks. Afterward, most patients will experience a reduction of pain. The shoulder pain will continue to dramatically decrease in the next couple of months as the stem cells continue to heal the shoulder. Within a short period, most patients will regain full mobility of their shoulder without any pain.


Shoulder surgery, on the other hand, often requires patients to go through several months of rehabilitation to regain strength and motion in the shoulder. With a rotator cuff repair, patients can expect to go through 4 to 6 months of recovery and wear a sling for two months after surgery. Even after shoulder surgery, patients may still experience stiffness, weakness, and chronic pain.


Is It Safe?

Stem cell injections for shoulder pain are a safe alternative to surgery. Since we only use adult stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) that comes from patient’s body, there is virtually no risks to the patient’s health.


Shoulder Conditions Treated by Stem Cell Injections

At the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, we have used stem cell injections to successfully eliminate shoulder pain for patients that had the following injuries and conditions:



Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Injections

If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain, you need to contact our office. Our board certified orthopedic surgeon would examine your medical files to see if stem cell injections for shoulder pain is the right course of action for you. In some cases, surgery is the appropriate solution and will inform you of this and any other options that may apply to you.


How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy For The Shoulder Cost?

To maximize success, we tailor our stem cell therapy based on the unique needs of our patients. For this reason, the cost of stem cell therapy for the shoulder will vary greatly from case to case and can only be determined after our orthopedic specialist has evaluated a patient’s shoulder. Factors that will determine the cost for stem cell therapy includes:


  • The severity of the shoulder condition/injury
  • How long the shoulder condition existed
  • The number of joints that need to treated


It is important to note that most health insurance companies will not cover the cost of stem cell therapy for the shoulder. However, in many cases, the cost of stem cell therapy can be similar to the cost patients will pay out of pocket for shoulder surgery and post-surgical care with insurance.