Patient Success Stories


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Dear Dr. Purita,



Patient Chuck:

  I am forever grateful to Dr. Purita who has focused his brilliance on research and innovation to provide his patients with state-of-the-art regenerative medical treatments and techniques.

Dr. Purita has been treating me for over 10 years. Every procedure on my knees, shoulders, lower back, feet and hands has given me pain relief and better joint function, flexibility and mobility. I look at Dr Purita as my team coach. He knows what is best. His staff members have great attitudes, are very knowledgeable and highly trained.  My responsibility is to follow exactly what Dr. Purita and his staff say to do to achieve maximum results. This includes taking all the supplements and Cytokines and scheduling any physical therapy when needed.

My friends are always asking me how I stay so active at 70 years old. It’s simple – having the Stem Cell procedures have greatly enhanced the quality of my life and the ability to remain very active.  I have no trouble keeping up with people who are 10 to 20 years younger than me when playing tennis or snow skiing.

Many of my friends are so impressed with my results that they ask about the details of the procedure, recuperation time and what to expect. I’ve referred many friends, including a retired Orthopedic Surgeon, to Dr. Purita who now tell me about their successful results with the stem cell therapy.  
I am also very pleased with the results from having the I.V. Adult Pluripotent Stem Cell procedure multiple times. Adult Pluripotent Stem Cells (APSCs), referred to as “Very Small Embryonic-Like” Stem Cells (VSELs), are powerful cells with “embryonic like” features from a person’s very own body (Not embryo) to potentially assist the regeneration of diseased organs and tissue, as well as their ability to slow the aging process.

Dr. Purita explained that each person will have different results as the VSELs go to the areas in the body that need help. In my case, for many years, I had been dealing with an annoying itchy skin rash called Grover’s Disease.  After the VSELs procedure, the rash is now in remission. My General Practitioner was so impressed that he has been referring some of his patients to Dr. Purita for both the I.V. VSELs and Stem Cell consultations.

Another result that amazed my General Practitioner was that the heart murmur that I have always had, is now gone.  Every time I have my semi-annual appointment with him, he immediately checks for that heart murmur. It is gone. The only explanation is that the I.V. Stem Cell Therapy really works!

I totally believe that Dr. Purita and his worldwide network of stem cell gurus will continue to discover a plethora of advancements in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy.


Patient Tony:

  Amazing news! I seem to have recovered completely with regard to my left knee and right knee is great too. No question, your stem cell treatment has miraculous results given enough time and proper treatments. I have very little fluid in the left knee and less in the right knee.  I am doing my summer hard work activities with moving dirt by wheel barrel.  I moved 4 yards of dirt or two small truckloads and experienced no issues with knees. Taking no meds either for arthritis.  No limping, no twisting discomfort.
Thanks again and a special thanks to Dr. Purita!


Patient Louis:

  As an 80+ year old man, I knew that my body’s ability to regenerate stem cells was less than it was 20 years ago, however the pain in my knees was so great, that my quality of life was diminishing quickly.
Within the first month of receiving my first treatment with Dr. Purita, I was thrilled to be able to roll over in bed at night without the pain I had experienced for years. After the third month, I was finally able to put my pants on without having to rest against the bed or a wall – my balance was much more secure due to the decrease in pain in my knees. Currently, after completing all of the treatments, I am able to walk at the same pace that was natural over 12 years ago, and I can pivot/change directions in a single move, instead of in stages. Because of the extensive vitamin protocol that was part of the treatment, the regular discomfort that was always present in my feet is gone. My quality of life has improved greatly as a direct result of my stem cell treatments.

Patient Anthony: 

  I want again to thank you, Dr. Purita and your staff for where I find myself today.  Fully recovered from severe knee problems that I honestly felt could not be improved without surgery or replacement.  Your amazing treatment was 100% successful considering my age and general wear and tear.  Although I dare not try to run again I am learning how to swim to substitute for the aerobic activity and exercising for the rest of my body.  Be sure to pass on the good word – no more pain, no weakness walking normally and happy as a lark

(Brand new for 2018!)

Patient M.S. 

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the Stem Beautiful facial cream.
It has been awesome and I just wanted to share what it has done for me.
I was clawed on my face, by a dog when I was very young. I had a scar that
diminished with age.  But when I started using the cream, it disappeared!!!!
I can’t see any signs of the scar at all, now.  Hip hip hoorah!!!Also, on the side of my face, I had a small tag that has been a thorn in my side.
I started putting the Stem Beautiful on it and it is all but GONE!!!  There is a very
little scab there, but I know in a few more treatments, it will be totally gone.  I was
not wanting to see a dermatologist and have it frozen, for fear it would leave a
scar on my face.  So, I decided to start putting the Stem Beautiful on it, and it has
just about disappeared!!!Also, since using the Stem Beautiful, I have no signs of acne or break outs or blemishes
on my skin.  Some times, before using it, I would have a break out or some little blemish
that was annoying and hard to get rid of.  But after using the Stem Beautiful, break outs
are non- existent!!!!  YEAH!!!Well, that is my story and I give you permission to use it to tell others about this
wonderful product.My sincerest thanks.