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Many times, I am asked which supplements I recommend.  Well, the answer to this question is both simple yet complex.  My first question usually is what are you trying to achieve by using supplements?  The answers cover a wide spectrum.  However, when we look at the essence of these answers it gets distilled to a few major concepts.  Foremost on everyone’s mind is health and slowing down aging.  The anti-aging concept has been around for quite some time and was once thought to be part of the seedier side of medicine.  However, anti-aging is now an integral part of many university medical programs and is rapidly becoming part of mainstream medicine.  What has spurred this transition?  The answer is the field of Regenerative Medicine especially as it involves Regenerative Cell therapy.  Notice I said Regenerative Cell therapy rather than stem cell therapy.  We must remember that nature works as a symphony of cells.  Stem cells represent a very important cog in this symphony but they are dependent upon other cells.  The healthier our Stem Cells are the healthier we are.  Stem cells, when they are healthy and in the proper environment, accomplish repair and thwart off linking medical problems.  Remember that our immune system and Stem cells and intimately related.  The health of one determines the health of the other and thus ultimately our own health.

Over the past decade, I have been involved with Regenerative therapies.  I have studied the stem cell field and determined what seems to work and have a good idea why it works.  I have sifted thru countless products before I came across what I feel are some of the best products out there. I tell my patients that these supplements are not just good for the time they are undergoing a stem cell treatment but actually are designed to maintain good health.  Many of these supplements are the professional line offered only to physicians. These products have some extra characteristics which make them more effective at achieving the goal of better health.  We are now offering supplement packages which until now were only offered to our own patients.

The package will address some critical issues.  One issue is collagen.  Collagen is the building block of joints, muscles (remember the heart is also a muscle), ligaments, and a host of other important body tissues.  Stem cells need collagen as a raw material to help repair tissues.  We feel that we have found the one collagen product which has withstood scientific scrutiny. There are numerous studies showing its incorporation into various parts of the body.

Another important aspect of the supplement program is the reduction of inflammation.  Inflammation is the root of all evil.  There is a host of supplement out there that will help reduce inflammation.  These include fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids), boswellia, and many other compounds.  However, we are very partial to curcumin.  Curcumin accomplishes its goal by mimicking a growth factor made by stem cells.  It stimulates something called interleukin-1 antagonist. Interleukin 1 is a major cause of inflammation in the body.  It is associated with many diseases and seems to help accelerate aging.  Recently, Curcumin was discovered to help slow down and possibly reverse some memory loss.  The problem with most Curcumin products is what is called bioavailability.  Can your body absorb the product and make it available to the cells?  We have discovered a product that is 15,000 times more bioavailable than the typical Curcumin product.

Another product that is of great importance is one which stimulates great numbers of stem cells. This product is actually licensed by the Univ. of South Florida.  It appears to act upon the bone marrow causing it to release stem cells into the circulation.  In the laboratory, it seemed to outperform GCSF also known as Neupogen.  Neupogen is given to patients who are on chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy has an adverse effect on blood production.  When you stop blood production you also stop Stem cell production. Neupogen helps to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more blood products including Stem cells. This product contains a host of different supplements which work synergistically.

The third product we would like to address is one which produces Nitric Oxide (NO).  This is not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide which is laughing gas that is used by dentists.  Nitric Oxide is one of the holy grails of stem cell medicine and for that matter anti-aging.  As we age our bodies become deficient in Nitric Oxide.  Its effects on the body are far ranging.  NO has profound effects on the immune, neurological, and cardiovascular systems.    Many people may be familiar with L-Arginine.  This is a supplement which can increase NO in the body but it becomes somewhat ineffective after age forty.  The product which we utilize is very effective in those patients over forty years of age.  It is a beet derivative which is in the form of a pleasant tasting lozenge.

Another problem that we address with supplements is that of Senescent cells.  These are cells that should have died but they continue to live.  The problem with these cells is that they have a tendency to secrete bad growth factors which can cause inflammation and a host of other problems in the body.  I actually had a hand in designing this product.  It sees to eliminate these cells.  By eliminating these cells, we are able to allow other cells to survive and do their job.

The last product I would like to mention is a product which seems to slow down Telomere damage.  This is a product I also had an active hand in its development.  Here is the write-up on this supplement.  “Telomerase is a naturally occurring enzyme that lengthens telomeres and protects them from shortening. Telomere Plus™ has been shown to increase telomerase activity.  Why are telomeres so important especially when it comes to cellular aging? To start, each type of cell has a unique function and purpose.  Within the cell, is the nucleus which contains chromosomes. And each chromosome has DNA containing instructions that tell each type of cell when and how to divide.  As cells divide and produce more cells, it’s crucial that the original DNA instructions stay intact. Otherwise, misinformation can lead to less-than-perfect reproduction of cells or cell death. To prevent this, chromosomes also have protective tips called telomeres. Telomeres start out long but shorten each time a cell divides. As a person ages, this process explains why we may see and feel a degradation of cell health over time, as the telomeres shorten.  When the telomere becomes too short to sustain cell division, the cell dies. This process of cellular aging can also increase with life stress, lifestyle choices, and environmental toxins”.

All of these supplements are important for the health of our stem cells.  If our cells are healthy than typically we are healthy.  Remember one of my favorite sayings “Cells not doctors heal patients”.  Thanks, DR. P

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